Thursday, June 18, 2009

[research] Automated Tamil Name Generator

creativity & innovation - a course i loved doing in my final semester bachelors.
i designed a small program in perl to generate tamil names based on tamil phonetics.
recently I found myself sitting and programming the same in java, something i've been missing for long.

it was a very simple idea. just to classify letters based on their positional frequency and to add some randomness.

some names it generated are amazing.
it will be great if the system can tell what these names mean.

female names : நசி, பானிலா, ஈயுறை, நெல்லகை, சானதிசகை, ....
male names : வாலு, நித், சப்கு, விறைன், சுனான் , மகான், வாற்றாடன், ...

where am i going to use this?
what will happen to this system if i am to introduce numerology ? :-O
will it be possible to give a score to a name based on its pronounceablity(?!)

can i sell this to political leaders who are being tortured to name babies instantly?

thats my threshold.
thats exactly the point where i stop programming.
i cannot handle more than three questions at a time.

no clue on what i'll be programming next.
i'll let you know.

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sandoz said...

can sell to kollywood too!!