Saturday, January 30, 2010

[Project] Agaraadhi : Beta

Agaraaadhi is the first online Tamil dictionary to have a built-in Morphological analyser. It has over 2 Lakh root words and growing. We are planning to launch it this April with loads of features.

Current Features :
Word Usage Statistics
Morphological Analysis (மரங்களுக்கு gives results for மரம்)
Bilingual index(Tamil and English)
Transliterated Typing (Type 'amma' and press space for அம்மா)
Onscreen Tamil keyboard
Gene'ie (Displays derivatives of a root word : காதல் -> காதலுக்கு, காதலிடம், காதலின்)
Ayyan (Displays related Thirukurals and their explanations along with results)

Coming Soon :
Word of the day
Word ranking
Twitter Tamil Trendz
Word suggestions
Related words
Submit a word
Word games
and heaps more...