Tuesday, September 15, 2009

[song] Sangathamizh Rap

பாடல் : அங்கதை அரம்பை
படம் : இளமை இதோ இதோ
தயாரிப்பு : Arunai Films
இசை : வித்யாசாகர்
இயக்கம் : ராஜா

அங்கதை அரம்பை

காந்தை காரிகை

தையல் தெரிவை

அதோ அதோ

பாமினி பாவை

மானினி மங்கை 

பதுமினி வனிதை

அதோ அதோ

வஞ்சியும் வல்லியும் 

அதோ அதோ

நங்கையும் நீலியும்

அதோ அதோ

இணங்கியும் எலுவையும்

எதோ எதோ?

இளமை இளமை 

இதோ இதோ!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

[Work] Escape From Randomness

After my schooling, I've never really experienced this. 

Randomness and I have been like Siamese twins all these years.

Now, I wake up every morning to see my clock blink 7:10

Breakfast at 8:15. 

Nandini waving bye from our balcony at 8:25.

Driving my spark via Kottur to see the same school bus turning at the same corner at 8:30.

Sign attendance register at 8:40.

I see more positives here.

-Now I get enough rest being inside campus.

-Driving 100kms every day around Chennai's scenic roads : no more :-)

-Nandini is busy with Mellinam Education

-More time for Tamil related research.

-I get to see energetic students with smiles all around the campus.

-The feeling I get after a good lecture.

-Three large cups of green tea every after noon.

-Snacks from Krishna Sweets during every PhD viva.

-Organizing events.

That list can run even longer I guess.

I should find some time in evenings and weekends for other creative activities that I have been doing 24/7. 

I still cannot believe this has happened to me.

Quite unable to see myself as an Assistant Professor here in this University.

The place where I used to be the 'naughtiest' student ever [Thanks: Dr. Ranjani Parthasarathi].

The place where I convinced most of my lecturers to cancel classes for exams/movies.

The place where I fell madly in love with Nandini. 

I never try to predict where life is going to take me next.

Now that I have a role to play with huge responsibilities, I am going to see what's the best that i can do.

omg!.. its 3:00 now.

Green Tea Time. :-)