Thursday, May 07, 2009

[song] ஓடோ ஓடோ

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jab we met is being remade in tamil as கண்டேன் காதலை.
kannan's second film after ஜெயம் கொண்டான்.
vidhyasagar is scoring music.
moser baer producing.

'ye ishq hai' is the original song.
girl fleeing away from parents to join her lover.
her road trip.

this is my third film as a lyricist.
first film - i'll write sometime soon about that
second film - not yet named
this is third...

vidhyasagar introduces me to kannan.
kannan, calm and composed, plays me the video clip of original version,
explains in a minute, the situation and let me go.

we meet back in two days.
i hand them a copy of my lyric to the situation.

the song starts
மிதவை மனமே.. மிதவை மனமே..
என்னை முந்திச் செல்லாதே

what i learn with this industry so far is interesting.
they have so many creative ways to tell 'no' to something.

vidhyasagar at his first glance told me that this is pretty high
wanted something more light for easy audience.
kannan seconded his thought and wanted something simple and catchy.

next day we met again.
i went with five different starts (பல்லவி to be more technical)
vidhyasagar loved them all.
kannan picked two.

ஓடோ ஓடோ ஓடோடிப்போறேன்
காதல் பாதி தேடோடிப்போறேன்

கனவெல்லாம் விரலோடு
உலகெல்லாம் அழகோடு
இனியெல்லாம் அவனோடு

பூவாகும் தாரோடு
காற்றாகும் காரோடு
மாற்றங்கள் வேரோடு

in just under fifteen minutes, vidhyasagar tuned the complete song.
the tune was simple, catchy and sticks to you for some time.
i recorded his saranam on my younote.

by next day the complete song was ready.
two days later we met for the third time.
finalised bits and pieces.
it was all done.

i am enjoying my new role / new hobby / new casual job - how ever i may see it.
it gives a lot of fun and also some money.

thanks again to vidhyasagar.

Friday, May 01, 2009

[Photo] B.Tech IT Advanced Database Students

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One day we were discussing data mining concepts with Idli, Vadai & Samosa. I asked what is the 'most frequent item' with samosa in our college canteen. majority of this crowd replied in perfect sync : 'juice'

ten years gone. same class room. same feeling.
just the difference is that i was a student then.