Tuesday, June 30, 2009

[movie] My little role in Endhiran : The Robot

I've been working with Shankar's Endhiran since August 2008. I would like to share how it all happened. Around May 2008,
I Introduced myself to Mr. Shankar as Dr. Karky, working as a scientist in Anna University with fair knowledge in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. As my father was not very much interested in me working in films, I tried my best to shadow my other identity. I SMSed Mr. Shankar asking if I could take up Sujatha's role in Endhiran. I waited for a week, and then called him regarding the same. A few weeks from then, he invited me to his office. He was taken by surprise when he got to know that I was Poet Vairamuthu's son. After an hour's discussion he asked me to be the technical coordinator for the movie. There it all started. In this last one year, I have contributed a little to this huge project in a few areas. I also penned my first song, to AR Rahman's tune, for this movie. I thank Mr. Shankar whole heartedly for giving me this opportunity to work in his magnum opus with some of the world's leading technicians.


மகேஷ் (Magesh) said...

Oh great. You have been keeping yourself pretty busy last year. Really shows up the multi faceted personality that you are. All the best !!

ilayaraja_rerecordings said...

These comments are those from any lay-man and i am just representing them... so.. no hard feelings..

I may be sounding a little harsh, but i think the fact that you could have hidden your identity would have helped two things..

1. Would Shankar actually give an opportunity to someone who isnt known as a biggie-wiggie?[ You say that he dint respond in the first place, and you had to call him.. and secondly.. i do remember the ad.. that they placed for boys.. and eventually ended up chosing guys who had some foothold earlier in the industry..]
2. If your work does get acknowledged to a fair degree of success.. [once the movie releases], it would help people recognize you, rather than so.. and so's son.. I am no movie maker.. but am still sceptical abour Shankar's movie making skills.. nevertheless.. my best wishes to you.. All the best karky..

ராம்குமார் - அமுதன் said...

Thatz a Great news... All the Best Karky...

Abdul said...

i would like to disagree with ilayaraja_rerecordings bec let DR.Karky be vairamuthus son but only his hard work has been recogonized not his recomentataion in todays world recomentation dosent work after he meet Mr.Shankar only he told that he is so and so son but if his song or work was not good he wouldmt have given him oppourninty since his work is excellent only he got an oppournity . bec nowdays every body looks at the quality of the work not so and so son...........his work was the best he got the oppournity .........thats it nothing more than tat..............all the best for yr future sir we ar always here to support u........

avid arun said...


மடிக்கணிணியே கதியென்ற உலகில் ,
நின் மதிக்கணிணியால் மற்றோர் மதிமயக்கி,
மக்கள் மனக்கனியை நெகிழச்செய்யும் ,
மாற்றுயுகத்தின் போற்றுகவியே !!!

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பொழுதுபோக்கு உலகின் உரையிலும்,
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அகவரியை கணிணிக்கண் பார்வை கொண்டு,
நண்பணில் நயவரியாய் எழுதி ,
முகவரி அறிய செய்த,
மூவுலகம் போற்றும் முதல்வரியே!!!

void-இல் தொடங்கிய வைரஸையும்
வார்த்தையில் include செய்து,
public மனதில் print செய்த,
யுகம்போற்றும் இவ்யுகத்தின் யுககவியே!!!

வைரஸ் இல்லா கணிணி , இனி அரிது
உம் கவிவரி படா கண்ணும் , இனி அரிது !!!!
********கணிணிக்கவிஞன் மீது வந்த காதல் வரிகள்******
அருண்,M.E.(MM),Anna Univ,Ch.....

dhana said...

I appreciate your confidence to take up the role of Sujatha, the genius . And I feel that you are the right person to fill the role he has left. One more idea... you can try science fiction and novels too.