Tuesday, June 23, 2009

[events] my mother's take on my iPhone

she asked me what i can do with my iPhone, that she can't with her nokia 1100.
no one in the world i think can insult my iPhone better than that.
i suppressed my variety of emotions and explained to her for over 30 minutes.
i lectured patiently, the touch interface, app store, and the variety of applications.
how you can watch movies, listen to music, manage contacts, email, internet, using maps, weather and more...
i also demonstrated how to type with the touch keyboard. rotate and zooming pictures. geo tagging.
after 30 minutes of patient listening, she replied...
"you never pick your calls. you always have a low signal where ever you go. what is the point of calling it a phone?"

within 48hrs of this conversation, i switched my mobile network. That is helping me a bit to get out of my depression.

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இரவுப் பறவை said...

பேசி ஜெயிக்கமுடியாது போல அம்மா கிட்ட