Saturday, January 30, 2010

[Project] Agaraadhi : Beta

Agaraaadhi is the first online Tamil dictionary to have a built-in Morphological analyser. It has over 2 Lakh root words and growing. We are planning to launch it this April with loads of features.

Current Features :
Word Usage Statistics
Morphological Analysis (மரங்களுக்கு gives results for மரம்)
Bilingual index(Tamil and English)
Transliterated Typing (Type 'amma' and press space for அம்மா)
Onscreen Tamil keyboard
Gene'ie (Displays derivatives of a root word : காதல் -> காதலுக்கு, காதலிடம், காதலின்)
Ayyan (Displays related Thirukurals and their explanations along with results)

Coming Soon :
Word of the day
Word ranking
Twitter Tamil Trendz
Word suggestions
Related words
Submit a word
Word games
and heaps more...


Hari Harun R said...

Transliterated Typing (Type 'amma' and press space for அம்மா)
Onscreen Tamil keyboard

this type always in blogspot la what new in that...

ராம்குமார் - அமுதன் said...

Congrats Mathan... உங்கள் பணி மேன்மேலும் சிறக்க வாழ்த்துக்கள்...

Instead of using Google API of Transliteration Could you please use the way of unicode for typing. The one used in Jaffna Library. But that involves a lot of work for you in Auto suggest....

Madhan Karky said...

@Hari Harun : Nothing new in transliterated or onscreen keyboard. We just use Google's API. Just another feature to make life simple.(There is nothing to claim about it :-)

@Ramkumar : Thanks for your wishes. I will record your suggestions and ask my team to investigate into it.

Zav said...

you can entertain your students to contribute to GNU projects like, using these tools.

apvr said...

Congrats Madhan for the good work. I wonder whether this will be open-sourced.

asdf said...

Awesome work. Your interest towards Tamil related researches are so nice.

pintoo said...

great job sir!!!!!!

செந்தில் குமார் வாசுதேவன் said...

A friend of mine told me that 'Agaraadhi' isn't transliterating properly in IE8. Could you please check that?

All the best and thanks for your commendable efforts, Sir!

செந்தில் குமார் வாசுதேவன் said...

Also wanted to inform you that one can't share a searched word's result.. There is a share button(I hope its off-the-shelf) which is not helping if I want to share via email/anything.. I guess the string "?tw=" when appended to URL would do.. But for naive users its not that intuitive..

Arun Kumar N said...

Arumaiyana pathiu.. mikka nandri

intha website-a konjsam parunga