Saturday, September 12, 2009

[Work] Escape From Randomness

After my schooling, I've never really experienced this. 

Randomness and I have been like Siamese twins all these years.

Now, I wake up every morning to see my clock blink 7:10

Breakfast at 8:15. 

Nandini waving bye from our balcony at 8:25.

Driving my spark via Kottur to see the same school bus turning at the same corner at 8:30.

Sign attendance register at 8:40.

I see more positives here.

-Now I get enough rest being inside campus.

-Driving 100kms every day around Chennai's scenic roads : no more :-)

-Nandini is busy with Mellinam Education

-More time for Tamil related research.

-I get to see energetic students with smiles all around the campus.

-The feeling I get after a good lecture.

-Three large cups of green tea every after noon.

-Snacks from Krishna Sweets during every PhD viva.

-Organizing events.

That list can run even longer I guess.

I should find some time in evenings and weekends for other creative activities that I have been doing 24/7. 

I still cannot believe this has happened to me.

Quite unable to see myself as an Assistant Professor here in this University.

The place where I used to be the 'naughtiest' student ever [Thanks: Dr. Ranjani Parthasarathi].

The place where I convinced most of my lecturers to cancel classes for exams/movies.

The place where I fell madly in love with Nandini. 

I never try to predict where life is going to take me next.

Now that I have a role to play with huge responsibilities, I am going to see what's the best that i can do.

omg!.. its 3:00 now.

Green Tea Time. :-)


Lazer said...

You wake up daily at 7:10am????? I'll be wating for my bus at that time. Its really great to hear that you are doing tamil related researches. Do you have any idea like starting a school for tamil literature, like how bharadwaj opened a school of music????? It will be nice if you do it...

Ramesh said...

//Assistant Professor // :-) Well done! What else can I say! Words are the "usage" in father and son's avocation's.

//fell madly in love with Nandini// Were you a student then or what?

I have met some Electrical Dept. Assoc. Professor's.

Suggesting you do something, in terms of "green" energy stuff.

(1) See Al core - Nobel Prize winning lecture.
(2) See the ice map of Arctic in 1976 versus 2004, in National Geographic Encyclopedia ( available in Landmark )

senthil said...

i am a Ph.D student of Madurai kamaraj University.Yesterday, I saw ur father came for the educational trust inaugaration. ermy much impressed by his speech, i searched about ur family in net, coz, i am also from theni, uthamapalayam ur area.
i saw ur photos, ur blogs, those are very much impressive than ur father's speech. u r looking like an innocent eleventh standard boy, or nineth standard. ur wife is like an angel(don't worry i m a girl). now i feel, u r a close relative to me. (may be, who knows?, coz, i am also from ur place). Good boy, good bye