Wednesday, April 22, 2009

[project] mellinam education

bachelors. first year lab.
i was programming c with a bunch of mates.
i wanted my programs to have a professional feel.
so i created this company named it mellinam.
all my programs, including 'hello world' ones start with 'mellinam presents'
mellinam was growing along with my programming skills.
c++, prolog, vb, perl, java.... and suddenly stopped when i was done with my bachelors.

a decade rolled by.
suddenly this girl, nandini, who i was madly in love with ten years ago, was sitting next to me in 'our' car.

she asks randomly, 'what do we name our pre school project'?
the first seven lines above scrolled before my eyes.
'mellinam' , i said.
she loved it.

mellinam is four months old today.

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panther said...

i just accidentally watched ur ipaati 1.0 in youtube. i need a copy of the video . where can i buy it.