Thursday, April 30, 2009

[Education] Final Year Projects for Sale!!!

these are amazing ads i see these days in chennai streets.

for those who feel 'what on earth?'....these are small IT companies who download journal/conference technical papers, implement the algorithms and sell to final year bachelor degree students.

six months ago...
i was in an interview panel. we were asking this guy what kind of work he had been doing. he confidently replies with a serious head that he will be given an IEEE standard paper and he has to understand and implement the algorithm within 3 days.
yeah.. he got selected.

more than a year back...
i was visiting my friend's place.
she introduced her sister as a final year computer science student in a reputed institution.
i asked her what her final year project was about.
'no clue' she smiled.
my puzzled face.
'actually i am buying it'
my puzzled face.
'i have ordered my final year project. it costs Rs. 7500 to 10000. its cool'

things change pretty fast.
i am expecting banners in chennai for m.phil & phd thesis from Rs. 50000 onwards.
may be the government should fund these agencies.


sandoz said...

:) feels good to see such a blog from a teacher!!

even i have seen such works.. few years back when final year projects were 'outsourced' in the name of industry project, especially for EE & ECE departments, students were given simple training like soldering electronic components on a PCB etc, before the final equipment was sold!! now it is worse!! (final year engineering students did not even know how to solder is a separate sad story..)

the PG projects are no different.. in some cases UG students implement the whole project!!

and for the PhD case, talk to few 'interesting' ppl in our place.. you will be surprised more!!

mangai said...

If Students get good project guide in otheir college ,definitely they wont for these companies.Some colleges wont allow the students to gor these options.Because atleast "the project experience" is important for every engineering student.
You are correct ,I often admire at these genious people.At the same time with proper guidance any student can become an expert.

Baala said...

Few months back my friend asked me to accompany him to get his project from a centre around madurai, which he ordered by net with specification and online payment [hi tech centre]
On seeing the irrelevant and incomplete code he received , he went mad and we turned towards their chief to complain.
He started arguing with him quoting the name, fame, skill and ability of his college guide.
On hearing the college and staff name, he smilingly replied '' dont worry i will talk to ur guide and for ur information i'm the one who prepared his phd thesis''. i'm shocked and and my friend is overjoyed on hearing it.
Ghost writing is turning as a lucrative business. As a staff of big brother univ, wat is ur feeling about ur PG students. if u think such practice prevails with (o)ur department wat is your suggestion to find and stop.
i think it needs high skills and more intelligence for any guide to catch an intelligent students of big brother univ as they are strong in theory and presentation. They make their peer's real efforts look cheaper and makes the panel to compare and question the efforts of others.
suggestion: when ur student come with code for first review ask him to code a simple pgm involving multiple classes and passing of value with some operation, just in front of u.

arumugam said...

just linked this article on my facebook account. it’s a very interesting article for all

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